WARNING: Do not enter if you or your child suffer from things like,Asthma, Seizures, Respiratory disorder, or other issues that could result in negative reactions to things like twirling or flashing lights and fake fog. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Tadmor  Shrine HAUNTED HOUSE ​FOR Children

The Tadmor Shrine Haunted House for Children is run by numerous volunteers. We are able to open year after year because of each and every person that comes through our doors. The money you spend here, doesn't only  help make memories for your family, but for all the family's that visit us.

Thank you to all of you!


We have an array of light up, monster warding, toys to help make it through the haunted hayride. (prices vary depending on the toy)

Refreshments/snacks are offered for purchase at our concession stand to refuel for your next trip through the haunted house.

(item's pricing and availability may slightly vary)